Sunday, October 13, 2013

Building Season 2013 Recap - Video included!

Well, Mother Nature decided that building season was over this year by making it too windy and cold to work.  Boo to the Mother!  We were hoping to get at least one, if not two, build days in October.  We didn't.  In fact, we only got two build days in September this year, so our grand plans for the year are going partially unfulfilled.

We had hoped to:
  • Lengthen the wife's wall to the SouthEast,
  • Finish the bathroom walls and roof and get the door and toilet installed,
  • Reroute the driveway,
  • Rebuild the dome,
  • Close off the driveway with a new front wall,
  • Shore up the culvert,
  • Do something with the hex-ibo.

What we actually got done:
  • Got the bathroom wall built up to about 4 feet high, 
  • Built a new front wall across the old driveway,
  • Moved and reconstructed the old dome in a new spot and starting shoring it up with a cement and bottle outer "skin",
  • Dug a newly re-routed driveway around the new front wall and chill-dome.  
  • Cleared a good bit of the sagebrush and cactus out from the inside of the Domestead.  
  • Dismantled the two penta-storage corrals and built a HUGE hexa-storage.  
  • Survived having the whole southern side of the Domestead flood.  
  • Cleaned up from said flood.
Some of the work was visually impactful, some, not so much.  All of it was forward progress, just not as much or as fast as we had hoped/planned.

Take a look at the change from October 2012 to October 2013:




Next year's plan so far:
  • Finish putting the skin on the outside of the dome.
  • Get the bethroom wall up to height, put a roof and door on it and get the toilet in and working!
  • Replace the Qbert wall (Something has made a den behind it and removed most of the supporting dirt - if we don't do something, the critter might get squished and our wall will be ruined!)
  • Continue to build the SouthEast wall.  The bricks are already piled near where wall will be.
  • Maybe start a stem wall coming off the North side of the bathroom - to connect with the wife's SouthEast wall eventually. 
Of course, knowing us, we may get a whole bunch done on other projects that come up or we may get a bunch of partial stuff done or we may not be able to get up north as much as we have due to our current plans for travel coming up.  You never know in life what's gonna happen, you just gotta keep moving!