Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's even prettier in the Winter.

                                                                        Elk Mountain.

                                                                        Snow Drifts


The Dune Sea

Saturday, November 27, 2010

WY... where the deer and the antelope and the buffalo.......

... and the cows and the wild horses and the coyotes and the eagles and the rabbits play....

It was COLD! but the wildlife didn't seem to notice.  (Hence, why it's called wildlife, except that the deer was traipsing around downtown Rawlins.)

Hwy 80 on the way to Rawlins.  Icy and cold.

It's been 6 weeks since our last trip up to the land (and only our 4th trip overall) and the pyramid isn't happy.  It looked crooked from here, but when we got closer:

It was pretty bowed out where the door should be.  That's why most buildings have doors...  It'll be coming down and replaced by the first dome and some version of a Hexayurt.

Inspecting the work on the landbridge from last building trip.... it'll be coming out as well.  In favor of:


 Hand shredded paper, hand-mixed with portland cement to make papercrete.  Lightweight, but still every bit as strong as real concrete, but much cheaper and eco-friendly if you give a crap about such things.  Plus, we can make a bunch of these over the winter and haul them up with us periodically and just dump 'em up there.  We'll pave the landbridge when we get a week up there next Spring.  By then we'll have more than enough.