Monday, May 28, 2012

Fail Weekend

This weekend in WY was prolly the most discouraged we've been since the cows tromped through last year.  The weather sucked, the wind blew, the rain rained, and to top it all off, the wife accidentally deleted the pictures of what little progress was made.  : P

We were pretty excited to get out of work early on Friday and made tracks to the domestead.  Once we got there, the wind was outrageous and it was COLD!  Starting a fire took Jeff almost an hour, even tho he was using a new super-effecive method and then using some old tried and true methods.  (Bacon candles to the rescue!)

Too cold to fight it, we crawled into our "bed" the back of the Subi and pretended to sleep until morning.  Note: car-camping can be fun - but not when your feet and nose are freezing and the wind is trying to shake your car to pieces.

Morning brought sunshine - and MORE WIND.  Cold, Hellacious wind.  Steady 25mph wind with gusts over 50mph.  Building supplies were flying all over the place.  Happily, Jeff was able to get a fire started (bacon candles again :) and we had hot cocoa and Bailey's to start the day. 

The plan for the weekend had been to:
  • Disassemble the dome and reassemble it over a new pit being dug so I could have shade and wind cover; also keeping the dirt moist to make digging easier.
  • Dig the foundation hole for the hexayurt
  • Add earthbag layers to the berm using dirt from said foundation hole
  • Add a row of bottles to the bathroom wall
  • Add as many layers of cans / bottles as possible to the outdoor kitchen wall
What did we get done in 2.5 days before giving up and coming home almost a whole day early???

  • We did get the dome taken down to the base row, lowering our profile (Yay!)
  • We got the struts put back together over the hexayurt pit.
  • We didn't do any digging
  • 0 earthbag layers were added to the berm
  • A partial row of bottles was to the bathroom wall
  • 1 7/8 of a row was added to the kitchen wall
  • We got cold
  • We pouted
  • We came home
  • Wife deleted evidence of "progress"
  • We haven't given up

  • Stay tuned...

    Sunday, May 13, 2012

    100th Blog post! Wyoming trip #23

    Building the Kitchen wall starting with the trench
    Followed by rock fill for drainage
    Then the stem wall
    Stabilized earth (dirt and portland cement) filled bags
    Can row 1
    2nd row 
    We got a 3rd row, but forgot to take a picture

    Also got started on our retaining wall for the inside of the kitchen wall
    We're calling it the Q bert wall.  If you were conscious in the 80s, you'll understand why.  If not, Google it. 

    A full-on rainbow! 

    If you ever get the chance, don't. 
    Blech! : ( 
     (tastes like carbonated turpentine)

    Also, yum!!! 
    (Really.  YUM.) 

    Other notes of note:
    Finally got back to Anong's Thai in Rawlins for the lunch buffet.  Gotta say, still awesome.

    Wife saw her fist wild Tick.  It was crawling into her shirt.  It "fell" into the firepit.  Somehow...

    Date night in Rawtown consisted of Black olive and Mushroom Pizza with the cheezy pizza bites crust (FTW) and the Avengers at "The Movies".  Joss Whedon with another Home Run.  It sucked when Captain America dies and Ironman turns out to be the bad guy.  Didn't see that coming. 

    HA!  No spoilers here, go see the damn movie!

    T.B.C.  More work and plans to come...