Saturday, January 28, 2012

Trip 18 (Otherwise known as driving 520 miles to go to the grocery store)

We got cabin fever - BAD. 

Then we heard that our favorite grocery store in Rawlins will be closing its door in March - DOUBLE PLUS BAD.  (That's the only place we've ever found Mexi-Ramen and cheap strawberry necter.)

So, we did what we do: loaded up the Subi with building materials and hit the road for Wyoming to go to the grocery store and make a crap drop.

NOTE: It's January.  The high today in the Great Divide Basin was 28F with winds 10-15 mph.  Gusts of up to 50 mph were expected.  (Yes, they happened.)

Here's what the drive looked like once we crossed the CO/WY border: 

Yeah.  Fun.  White knuckles and grumbling at truckers fun.

In spite of that, we made good time and the weather in Rawlins and the Basin was clear.  Cold and friggin' windy, but not terrible.  

The culvert, not so clear.  The cows figured out that they can't go over the middle anymore, so they went up the left side and tore up a bunch more.  It's barely car-width now.  Access in the spring is going to be ...... interesting.

After doing a quick unload and chuck stuff into a pile, we took a tour of the domestead and berm to check for other changes.  The berm is still the berm, too low for our taste and eroding with the wind and cows.  The dome is still standing and weathering the weather (?) pretty well, though the second "skylight" blew off and the wooden panels are warping.  Jeff did find human footprints in the snow up near the fire pit, but nothing had been disturbed that we could see.

We did a quick-stopoff at the Discount Grocery Store (Closing at the end of March) and got a bunch of Yummy Strawberry juice, but they were out of Mexi-Ramen.  Since that was a partial bust, we headed off to Anong's Thai for lunch (no buffet on Saturdays : P).  Not much left to get into trouble with in Rawlins, so we decided to head back home.  Not an eventful trip, but insightful anyway. 

Looking forward to getting back out there and getting some more work done when the weather is more clement.