Monday, June 25, 2012

Gettin' stuff done - Trip #25!

Visible progress! - we're changing the face of Arrakis again.  The goal was to lower our profile - the dome was visible from a few miles away since it was 9 feet tall and on high ground.  So....

The Old Dome is now down...

We never got a good picture of the floor of the Old Dome:

 Old Frame, New Dome! Recycling at its finest : )

Adding panels

Lowrider Dome: 

Kitchen is coming along nicely as well... 

Hexayurt for storage:

Bathroom Bottle wall: 

We got a Dodge Grand Caravan to haul stuff...
(and it holds A LOT of stuff!)

...and to sleep in.  VERY comfy! 
Best sleep we've slept out on the property.

After having a few discouraging trips and a lot of frustrated waiting time, it's nice to finally be able to see progress again. 

Next trip: more wall-building!  The wife wants to try and use up all of the bottles and cans in the penta-corral.  

Challenge accepted!