Sunday, January 27, 2013


Late post here - these pictures are from over Christmas weekend!  We got a little caught up in life and stuff in civilization  : P
So, anyway.  Here's the Q-bert wall after a decent snowfall - pretty and nice symmetry.  It makes the OCDishness in both of us happy.

It was pretty overall though, and cold!  The day itself was sunny, but the wind wasn't condusive to staying out more than an hour. There were enough drifts that came up over our boots that wet socks and cold feet were a bit of a problem.

And speaking of problems:

The roof of the hexibo caved in at some point.  We're not sure if the base/walls shifted or if the weight/wet of the snow weakened the roof itself in spite of the weatherproofing we used.  Either way - it's down! 

Not sure when the next trip will be.  It's still at least 3 months til digging season, so only drop offs til then.  Once it's time tho - it's on!