Sunday, August 11, 2013

A little less Sandford and Son.....

Slowly but surely we're cleaning up the Domestead.  Over the winter we dropped off bottles of water, boxes and assorted other junk for building and as it accumulated it started to look like a junkyard.  It was even worse after the heavy rain flooded the courtyard and scattered everything all over the place.

In the course of using up all the bottles, we've been cleaning up and trying to make it look nicer while adding to the overall infrastructure.  Here's what we got done in about 9 hours:

Starting to crete the dome:

We used up all the beer bottles we had on-site; the bathroom is now 3/4 of the way up.  
Friends, it's time to drink more beer!

We also started the back stem wall and put the base in for the cistern to go on top of:

Between critters digging out homes and erosion, there's also a bit of work that needs to be done to repair and re-do the Qbert wall:

After a bit too much wine for dinner, Husband decided to take a hike up to the promontory to get a look at the Domestead:

On Sunday morning we woke up to these Critter friends paying us a visit:

In the mean time, we also got a solar system to run our small stuff so we can have lights (purple LED Chistmas lights!) and music.  Hopefully, that will make it seem a little bit more like home.  Slowly but surely we're making it comfortable and... a little less Sanford and Son.