Sunday, August 15, 2010

We've turned into THOSE people!

If the ClutterBuster people couls see our house now, they'd probably call in a demolition team.

We've got firewood in the spare bedroom, a minisolar panel and a compost bin on the balcony, shredded paper bricks drying on the driveway, a bunch of wet phonebooks in the garage, salvaged carpeting piled on the stairs, a bunch of masonite trianges in the hall and an 8 foot high pyramid in the living room.

We scavanged the firewood this morning from a bunch of dead trees that had been cut down on the side of the road.  Just doing our part to keep Highlands Ranch tidy.  And get some firewood.

The solar panel is attached to a test light for dome lighting options.
The compost bin is the most successful part of this year's container garden - I haven't even gotten 1 tomato.
The paper bricks will become papercrete to build the pyramid and domes.
The phone books will be fuel for the campfire.
We cut the masonite in the parking lot at Lowe's this morning so we could get it into the tiny Civic.

The carpeting is for the pyramid floor.
AND.... the pyramid is a shelter for sleeping now and then over-winter storage.  Here's the top half: 

I haven't cut the windows yet.

We're doing all this prepwork for our upcoming long weekend in Wyoming.  We'll be getting dirty and tired from constructing a "landbridge" onto the property, digging our firepit, building a pyramid and starting to construct the berm, camping and cow-dodging.  And chillin' by the fire in the evenings after a long day of hard work.  Doesn't get much better than that.