Sunday, February 27, 2011

PVC domes of various frequency... and 1V (frequency 1) wife.

Last year I stumbled onto a video about Geodesic Domes while doing research on survival shelters.  The one they showed was a 2V dome made of 3/4 in. schedule 40 PVC dome with 4" hubs and nails holding the struts in place.  I was intrigued, and immediately set about learning how to build domes. 

Along the way I've found some awesome resources and people who have provided me with a ton of info.  In the course of building many kinds of domes with many different materials I have found myself all the way back to the beginning with the PVC dome.  Only bigger, better and more versatile than the original.  Here are some pics of the results.  MUCH MORE to come!

 First Pentagon
Pentagon and Hexagon together 
 Building a 3V dome from the top down: first and second ring.
3V Third Ring 
 3V Fourth ring (almost 1/2 of a soccer ball).  1st paperecrete panel is attached in the lower right corner.
Struts and Hubs stacked neatly with a panel nearby 
2V dome with a door 
2V dome raised up one more ring

Some links for those with curiosity:

Calculations and Other Helpful Stuff:
More Inspiration:

Hexayurts, not exactly domes, but on the same track for living.:
First Video I watched:
Second Video I watched:
More on How-to / Model:
Just to See if You're Still Paying Attention:

Enjoy, and if you get the yen to try some of this craziness, Good Luck!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dome Panels

Here's how we're making the panels that will eventually fit into the framework of the PVC dome:

Frame for pentagon panel with diamond lath for re-inforcement and wire for attaching to the frame tubes:

After removal from the frame: 

 Standing up to finish drying / curing:

 In the mold / form:

Small proof of concept model:

The Big Dome with panel attached in our living room.

Google Sketchup model of the finished dome:

Panel attached: